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Saskias Casanova, PhD

Saskias Casanova is an adjunct faculty member at the Department of Applied Psychology at NYU and at the School of Human Services and Education at Metropolitan University.  Prior to this, she was an Academic Diversity Postdoctoral Faculty Fellow in the Department of Applied Psychology at NYU. Dr. Casanova’s two lines of research consist of 1) exploring the experiences with stigmatization of minority students in higher education and 2) examining the identity development of diverse immigrant origin adolescents and adults. Saskias uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine psychological and behavioral processes, and educational outcomes of immigrant and minority youth. Dr. Casanova's research has revealed that Indigenous Latina/o adolescents have different psychological and cultural experiences when compared to non-Indigenous Latina/o adolescents. She is very interested in exploring the development of a DREAMer social identity as it related to the civic engagement of undocumented students and to the redefinition of what citizenship means to immigrant origin youth. She believes it is our civic responsibility to create awareness around issues they face due to their status and correct misconceptions created by uninformed social representations in our media and politics.

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