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Nidia Gracia, Masters Student

Nidia Gracia is currently a second-year master’s student in the Human Development and Social Intervention program at New York University. Nidia plans to continue conducting research in a doctoral program, where she plans to obtain a Ph.D in a psychology-related field. Nidia hopes to become a professor and be a positive role model for her community, family, and future scholars, especially minority first-generation students like herself. She also works as a teaching assistant for an undergraduate research methods course and a research coordinator at NYU. Nidia firmly believes in helping others, and thus always lends a helping hand to students who need advice or help applying to college. Nidia was born to Mexican parents with little education but immense drive and determination. They pushed her to explore any and all of her interests to the fullest. Nidia enjoys learning about different cultures and studying how an individual’s culture influences their success. She hopes to develop methods to facilitate minority, first-generation students’ academic mobility and bring awareness to others of this population, their cultures, and their rising presence in higher education.

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